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Cartoon sketches are just one piece of the puzzle that makes animation a great art form. Sketches are the original animators’ drawings used to breathe life into fabulous characters; they’re now recognized as very collectible treasures of animation production art. You’ve heard that yourself. When coming up with the final style of a character, it usually takes a few sketches to settle on something the animators feel is the perfect look. And once the character's model is settled, one-of-kind sketches must precede each animated cel. 

Here at Great American Ink animation fine art gallery there are many nostalgic, original cartoon sketches in our vast collections. Collectors with different tastes will also discover Great American Ink’s excellent examples of sketches from newer cartoons. From Gertie the Dinosaur in 1914, to the 1930’s Mickey Mouse and the 1980’s Simpsons, cartoon sketches from every studio's original production artists will continue to be precious collector’s items. 

Some cartoon sketches will make their way to museum walls, especially because hand-drawn animation is slowly giving way to computer-generated imagery. But, many will "find good homes" through our gallery. We’re always delighted when we hear our collectors love the art they’ve adopted from us! It’s a little crazy on our part, but it’s like missing a friend after they’ve headed home from a visit with you.

E-mail us at with your comments or questions, or call us at 1-800-552-2847 to speak to our knowledgeable animation art consultants.

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