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Disney Animation Art Our collection of Walt Disney cartoon sketches has attracted viewers from all over the world! We now present a little sample of their beauty to you today, here in our online art gallery. We've been located in Los Angeles, California since 1991. 

These Walt Disney animation art sketches display the artists' spirit and feelings about each character's moods, costumes and personalities. As the earliest expression of a character's style and temperament, Walt Disney cartoon sketches are closest to their animator's soul of creation. 

Sketches have long been recognized as a precious and very collectible segment of the magical process of animation. Skillful sketches tell the story of how each character evolved and became life-like to the hearts of animation fans throughout history. That's why knowledgeable collectors often include them among their cels, storyboards and memorabilia. 

Give us a ring or drop us an e-note, we'd love to talk animation with you! 

E-mail us at with your comments or questions, or call us at 1-800-552-2847 to speak to our knowledgeable animation art consultants.

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